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What Readers Are Saying About ORCHIDS Magazine...

“I was excited enough to email you at 2 AM after not being able to put down the latest issue! The articles were amazing. Also, there just seemed to be so much great content which allowed me to get so much more out of the issue than you expect from a magazine. I would spend a fortune (and a lot of wasted time) to try to get this kind of quantity and quality content elsewhere.”
Laura DeCarlo, Melbourne, Florida

“‘WOW’! The layout, the photos, and the articles are simply outstanding. I stopped what I was doing and read it cover to cover! I feel like a broken record here, but once again you all have produced a terrific magazine. 'Orchids’ seems to move from strength to strength each month.”
Tom Etheridge, Corvallis, Oregon

“Just had to write and compliment you on the April Issue. I have never seen so many gorgeous illustrations. I think the overall quality of award photography has really improved over the past few years. I know this must make your job harder now. Instead of the good ones simply floating to the top, you have to actually make some hard decisions! :-) Every issue is good, but this one is a standout. Really great. ”
Anita Aldrich, Galveston, Texas

“I wanted to sincerely applaud the most recent issue of the magazine! I love, love love the way you displayed the different growing set ups and culture techniques from different climates. A fabulous idea and very well executed! Love it!”
Rhonda Heide, Jupiter, Florida

“What a masterpiece! Wonderful photos and brilliant stories about pollination of orchids.”
Holger Perner, Sichuan, China

Rarely have I been so riveted by an article in Orchids as I was by Keith Davis' "A Ghostly Pursuit." Paired with "Hidden Jewel" it was a reader's delight. Thanks for publishing them, and please do more inspiring adventures like that.”
Claudia Goodridge, New Haven, Connecticut

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